Gamasutra: Q&A: Bringing your game to the Android-based GameStick.

View original article by Kris Ligman here. As the burgeoning market of “microconsoles” heats up, PlayJam’s $79 Android-based GameStick is positioning itself to target a “mid-core,” family-oriented home market. We spoke with PlayJam chief marketing officer Anthony Johnson about where the GameStick is setting its sights, and what developers can do to get their titles… Read more →

The Home Straight.

Pilot Run A quick update to let you know that we have successfully completed the initial pilot run. The controllers are fantastic – the changes we outlined in the previous post have all been incorporated and we’re confident you’re going to be really happy with the result. We are now poised to go into full… Read more →

Wired Magazine: GameStick offers portable gaming at less than a fifth the price of an Xbox One

View original article by Phillipa Warr here. After the traditional flutter of anxiety, frustration and resignation that greets the pricing announcements of new console generations (hello, £429 Xbox One and £349 PS4), much airtime is being given to more affordable alternatives. Android-based videogame console, Ouya (£99.99), is now on general release and Google is rumoured… Read more →