Ubisoft®’s “Prince of Persia® The Shadow and the Flame” to Launch on GameStick

Coming to GameStick

London, December 4th, 2013; PlayJam, creator of the über-portable TV games console – GameStick, today announces a new partnership with Ubisoft to bring one of its best loved franchises, Prince of Persia®, to GameStick at launch. ‘Prince of Persia The Shadow and the Flame’ will be available on the GameStick storefront this year.

“As massive fans of Ubisoft games we are immensely proud that this hugely popular franchise is coming to GameStick,” says Sameer Baroova, Head of Games at PlayJam. “Rich, engaging games such as this are perfect examples of the type of content we are bringing to define the future of affordable big screen gaming. We look forward to working with Ubisoft and our entire developer community in the months to come to ensure a steady stream of high quality content for GameStick.”

“We have been following GameStick’s progress with keen interest since launch earlier this year,” says Frédéric Peltier, Business Development Manager at Ubisoft. “We feel this device and its target market presents an exciting opportunity to further broaden access to our games.”

The GameStick Game team is currently fully engaged with both indie developers and AAA publishers to bring content to the platform. Any developers wanting to get involved are encouraged to contact the team, receive the free SDK and find out about the fantastic new platform by visiting www.gamestick.tv/dev or emailing develop@gamestick.tv

GameStick is available today in-store & on pre-order from GameStop, Game & Amazon.

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