Today we passed the $400K mark, which represents a significant milestone for the project.

We simply cannot say it enough but a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us to date! It has turned out to be quite the journey so far..

We have not simply been sitting back, watching the pledges roll in however! Everyone has been frantically working in the background to accommodate a lot of the requests and suggestions that continue to fill our in-boxes. Your suggestions and your ideas have sparked a lot of chain reactions and for that we think you’ll be excited for what is to come.

Following our team’s trip to China this week, we are today excited to announce the GameStick Dock, which will be available at launch and is now available via additional pledge lines and will ship at the same time as GameStick!

The Dock is an optional, multi-function accessory for GameStick that allows you to wirelessly charge the GameStick controller, store a ton of content, connect peripherals and using APS, power the stick. It is by no means a requirement but judging from the countless requests that we have had for peripheral support, we think it is going to be popular as a base station for the home TV! We also hope that this will help us to reach our final stretch goal.

Lets look at each function in a bit more detail:

Wireless charging for the GameStick controller.
We’ve had to do a lot of work on the controller housing to accommodate this, but basically we have thinned out an area in the lower deck of the controller to 1mm and put an electromagnetic coil in both the dock and the controller. Simply, put the controller on the dock and it will begin charging. It’s not quite as fast as USB charging, which is also supported, but it’s super easy and convenient to use. We like it a lot and we think you will, too.

Upgrade to 104 GB of storage!
We’ve installed a full size SD card reader in to the dock, which can take a 64GB card. Assuming we reach our 3rd stretch, this will take the total system storage up to an eye watering 104GB! That’s enough memory to store over 1000 games (assuming average size of 100MB).

Connectivity hub
Supporting 1 x Ethernet, 3 x external USB (one on the front and two at the rear) and HDMI, the connectivity hub provides support for a huge range of peripheral devices such as microphones, cameras and gesture recognition devices, dance mats, keyboards & mouse and of course internet connectivity via Ethernet.

GameStick APS
We’ve also included GameStick Active Power Slot in the dock so that you can power and operate your GameStick and peripherals from the dock. At home this might be a convenient tool as it is very simple to insert and remove GameStick and also gives those with little room behind wall-mounted TVs a solution!

Here are some more pictures!

The GameStick Dock supports a wide range of peripheral equipment from keyboards, mice, cameras, mics etc. so that you can get the most out of your GameStick!

A front-facing USB provides handy access for forward facing accessories such as a mic.